5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

Looking to add attractive buttons to your WordPress site? WordPress Button Plugins offer a versatile solution to customize buttons, encouraging user interaction and improving site navigation.

Whether you’re promoting products, encouraging social shares, or directing users to important pages, WordPress Button Plugins make the process easy with its easy-to-use interfaces and handy features.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top button plugins for WordPress that you may consider for your WordPress website. 

Also, we will help you to decide which button plugin you should choose.

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    What are WordPress Button Plugins?

    WordPress Button Plugins are tools that help in adding attractive and effective buttons to your website.

    One of the most important elements of a good user interface is having clear and effective call-to-action buttons.

    What are WordPress button plugins - 5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

    These plugins allow you to create buttons with a variety of features, including different shapes, sizes, colors, and font styles. 

    They can also be used to add social media sharing buttons, which can help increase your website’s visibility and traffic.

    These plugins are highly useful for any website owner who wants to improve the user experience of their site. 

    Importance of Using Buttons in your WordPress Website

    Using buttons in your WordPress website is important, As these buttons help users to take specific actions faster and easier. 

    By using buttons you can:

    • Promote visitors to take specific actions like Buy Now, Learn More, etc.

    • Encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter by offering exclusive content and updates

    • Promote a sale or special offer to attract visitors and boost conversions.

    • Encourage visitors to share your content on social media to increase your reach and engagement.

    • Direct visitors to your contact page or other important pages on your site for smooth navigation and increased user experience.

    • By using branded buttons, you can create a cohesive look and feel for your website and help to build brand recognition.

    In short, Buttons are effective in driving conversions. 

    Whether you’re running an e-commerce site, a blog, or a portfolio site, a good WordPress Button Plugin can help take your site to the next level.

    Now, Let’s have a look at some of the top WordPress Button plugins in depth.

    5 Best WordPress Button Plugins Compared

    SL No.PluginsPrice(Starting From)
    1. Advance Buttons by Nexter BlocksFree
    2.AddToAny Share ButtonsFree + $74/yr
    3.MaxButtonsFree + $24/yr
    4.Social Media Share ButtonsFree + $29.98/yr
    5.Forget About Shortcode ButtonsFree

    1. Advance Buttons by Nexter Blocks

    Advance Button Demo by Nexter Blocks

    Advance Buttons by Nexter Blocks is considered as one of the best WordPress button plugins. 

    It has over 22 extraordinary customized button designs, You can easily create attractive and eye-catching buttons for your WordPress website.

    One of the standout features of this button plugin is its UI with background options, this means that you can easily customize the background of your buttons to match your website’s color scheme or branding. 

    Also, you can give on-hover animations to your button, and along with it you can also give an interval animations where you can set the interval shake duration of the button which gives a feel of interactivity to your users.

    Button with interval effects - 5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

    Buttons with Interval Effects

    button with Hover Effects - 5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

    Buttons with Hover Effects

    With the help of the Advance Button, You can insert background images along with the text into your buttons, you can set the particular part of the image inside the button by setting the position of the image which makes the button more visually appealing and clickable.

    Button with image - 5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

    Moreover, you can create buttons with different shapes, colors, and typography. Also, you can create different social media buttons, WooCommerce buttons, etc

    These buttons are highly responsive and look very well on every device like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop etc.

    Key Features of Advance Buttons by Nexter Blocks

    • Responsive Design: Buttons are designed to look great on all devices, ensuring a consistent user experience.
    • Button with Image: Create buttons that include images for a more visually appealing design.
    • Icon Support: Choose from a variety of icons to enhance your button design and convey meaning.
    • Gradient and Solid Colors: Customize button backgrounds with gradients or solid colors to match your website’s design.
    • Hover Animations: Add hover animations to buttons to make them more interactive and engaging.
    • Customizable Typography: Easily change the font size, style, and color of the button text to suit your needs.
    • Border Options: Customize the border of the button with options for size, color, and radius.
    • Shadow Effects: Add shadow effects to buttons for a more three-dimensional appearance.

    Pricing of Advance Buttons by Nexter Blocks

    These buttons are free to use, just install and activate Nexter Blocks Plugin on your WordPress.

    2. AddToAny Share Buttons

    AddToAny Share Buttons - 5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

    AddToAny Share Buttons is a great WordPress Button Plugin. This plugin made the site social media ready since 2006, which means it allows users to share your posts and pages to any service, including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, X, etc. 

    This plugin comes with multiple sharing buttons like the Standard share button, Image sharing button, Floating buttons, etc. You can also create and customize buttons that match the look and feel of your website.

    Also, these buttons are created using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), which means that they have faster loading times and look great on high-PPI screens.

    With its Google Analytics integration, you can also keep a check on how many people have clicked on your buttons.

    Key Features of AddToAny Share Buttons

    • Highly Customizable: Offers extensive customization options, including button styles, sizes, placement, and more, to match your site’s design.
    • Share Counters: Displays the number of shares for each social media platform, providing social proof and encouraging more shares.
    • Floating Share Bars: Allows you to add floating share bars vertically and horizontally that follow users as they scroll, ensuring easy access to share buttons at all times.
    • Share Anywhere: Enables users to share your content on various social media platforms, email, and other channels, increasing your content’s reach and engagement.

    Pricing of AddToAny Share Buttons

    The pricing of the pro plans starts from $74 for 1 site license and also it has multiple site licenses.

    3. MaxButtons

    - 5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

    MaxButtons is a freemium WordPress button plugin that has been around for over six years, it has over 5000 ready-made buttons and 35,000 free icons.

    This button plugin is very easy to use you don’t need any skills or technical knowledge to create a button. You can also create a CSS3 WordPress button by using this plugin.

    There are multiple personalized packs of buttons for your every need like social media buttons, Buy now buttons, sales buttons, etc. You can place these buttons anywhere on the website using a shortcode.

    It also integrates Google Analytics for Event tracking, It also works with some of the popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. 

    With its paid version you can also create custom shape buttons or add animations to your buttons.

    Key Features of MaxButtons

    • Responsive Layout: Buttons created with Max Buttons are responsive, ensuring they look great and function well on any device or screen size.
    • No Coding Required: You don’t need coding knowledge to create and customize buttons. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface for easy button design.
    • Easily Create and Modify Buttons: With Max Buttons, you can quickly create new buttons or modify existing ones. Customize the button text, color, size, and style to match your site’s design.
    • Regular Upgrades and Fast-Friendly Support: Max Buttons provides regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and to add new features. The plugin also offers fast and friendly support to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

    Pricing of MaxButtons

    MaxButton’s pro plans prices starts from $24/yr for 1 site, $39/yr for 3 sites, and $69/yr for unlimited sites.

    4. Social Media Share Buttons

    Social Media Share Buttons - 5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

    The Social Media Share Buttons is a WordPress social icon plugin that allows you to add a social media button to your website. There are 16 different designs for social media share icons.

    You can give different attractive animations to your button like Hover effects, automatic shuffling effects, etc. Another great feature of this button plugin is that you can place the social icons on specific pages means you can decide on which page the social media icons should not show.

    Also, you can define anchors and margins like where your icons should be displayed, and then give them effects like floating or sticky.

    In its free version, it works with popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and with pro version includes more social networks like Telegram, Reddit, Soundcloud, etc

    Key Features of Social Media Share Buttons

    • Themed Design Style: You can create social icons that suit your brand’s look and style. This means if you have have site about a car you can choose a social icon that looks like a car.
    • Sharing and following features: With the help of these features, people can directly follow you without leaving your website.
    • Pop-up display: You can display pop-ups of your social icons on every or any selected page to ask people to follow you.
    • Animated Icons: You can give attractive animations to your social icons and can decide whether it should be repeated continuously or not 

    Pricing of Social Media Share Buttons

    The pricing of the paid plans starts from $29.98/yr for non-commercial sites, $39.98/yr for commercial sites, and $70/yr for 5 commercial sites.

    5. Forget About Shortcode Buttons

    Forget About Shortcode Buttons - 5 Best WordPress Button Plugins [Improve Conversions]

    Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin can be considered one of the simplest WordPress Button plugins. It is a great way to add buttons to your WordPress post editor.

    By using this plugin you can add buttons very easily you don’t need any kind of shortcode to create buttons. You can also use the latest CSS styling properties to create visually appealing buttons.

    Also, you can easily edit the but by simply double-clicking on the button and a setting panel of the button will appear from there you can re-edit the current button style.

    With its Dashicons and Font awesome icons integration you can easily insert various icons into your buttons.

    Note: This plugin is only compatible with WordPress 4.2 and upward versions. 

    Key Features of Forget About Shortcode Buttons

    • Easy Button Creation: Quickly create buttons without needing to write or remember shortcode.
    • Button Customization: Customize button styles, colors, sizes, and hover effects to match your website’s design.
    • Shortcode Generator: Easily generate and insert shortcodes for buttons into your posts and pages.
    • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Buttons work seamlessly across different web browsers for broader compatibility.

    Pricing of Forget About Shortcode Buttons

    Free to use

    Which WordPress Button Plugin Should You Choose?

    When there are numerous WordPress button plugins available in the market choosing the right one for your needs can be a struggle.

    But, with some research and careful consideration, you can find a plugin that meets your needs and improves your website’s functionality. 

    Some factors you should consider while choosing a button plugin for your WordPress site are that it should be easy to use, Should have Multiple customization options, should have Multiple Button Designs for your every need, it should be Highly Responsive which means buttons should look good on every device.

    Lastly, it should be Compatible with your WordPress version and other plugins you have installed. 

    So if you are also looking for a button plugin that fulfills all these factors mentioned above then the Advance Button by Nexter Blocks is the best choice for your WordPress website, As it is Easy to use, has multiple customization options, and have 22+ button designs, also it looks great on all devices like Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, etc.

    Additionally, the Advance Button block is the only one key block by the Nexter Blocks 

    If you want to improve your website functionality and want to make your Gutenberg website more attractive and eye-catchy then, Nexter Blocks is only made for you.

    With its over 90 Gutenberg Blocks you can transform your simple-looking website into something that stands out from the rest. The great part is you don’t need any kind of coding skills to create a website.

    Check out the complete collection of 90+ Gutenberg Blocks and start turning your simple website into your dream website.

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      FAQs on WordPress Button Plugins

      Do WordPress button plugins work with page builders?

      Yes, many WordPress button plugins are compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc allowing you to add buttons to your pages and posts easily.

      What is a Toggle Button in WordPress?

      A toggle button in WordPress is a user interface element that can be switched on or off, like a light switch. It’s often used to show or hide content on a website.

      How do you show that the button is clickable or not?

      To indicate that a button is clickable, designers often use visual cues such as color changes, shadows, or animations. These cues help users understand that the button is interactive. Additionally, using descriptive text on the button, such as “Click Here,” can further indicate its clickable nature.

      What is a Floating Button in WordPress?

      A Floating Button in WordPress is a dynamic element that stays visible as users scroll down a webpage. It typically serves as a call-to-action, prompting users to perform a specific action such as subscribing to a newsletter or contacting support.

      What is the use of a sticky button?

      A sticky button is a button that remains visible on a webpage even when the user scrolls. It is often used for important actions like “Buy Now” or “Contact Us,” ensuring these options are always accessible.