5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

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Having a clear website navigation is important as it simplifies the user experience. 

Creating a better and effortless navigation on your website helps your visitors to locate the information they are looking for easily.

One way to do this is by adding breadcrumbs to your website. Breadcrumbs are a navigational aid that helps users keep track of their location on your website. 

There are several breadcrumb plugins for WordPress available that can help you add breadcrumbs to your WordPress website. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best WordPress breadcrumb plugins that you may consider.

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    What are Breadcrumbs in WordPress?

    Breadcrumbs are navigational links that help users understand their current location on a website and allow them to easily navigate back to the previous page or section.

    Breadcrumb Bar Demo by Nexter Blocks - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    Breadcrumb Bar Demo by Nexter Blocks

    It guides users through your website and shows where they are on your site and how they got there. 

    For example, if you are reading this blog then the breadcrumb looks like this Home>Blog>Blog Title.

    Breadcrumbs work as footprints on your website making it easier for users to explore and find what they’re looking for without getting lost.

    Benefits of Adding Breadcrumbs to Your Websites

    Here are some benefits of adding breadcrumbs to your WordPress website:

    • Structure clarity: Breadcrumbs visually illustrate the hierarchy of pages, helping users grasp the organization of the website and find relevant content more efficiently.
    • Cross-platform Consistency: Breadcrumbs offers a consistent navigation experience across different devices, ensuring users can easily switch between desktop and mobile browsing without losing track of their location.
    • User Engagement: Breadcrumbs encourage users to explore more content on the website by providing a contextual understanding of where they are and how pages relate to each other.
    • Reduced Bounce Rates: By providing clear pathways to related content, breadcrumbs reduce the probability of users leaving the site due to navigation difficulties, thus lowering bounce rates.
    • SEO Benefits: Search engines use breadcrumbs to better understand the structure and organization of a website, which can improve indexing and potentially lead to higher search rankings.

    5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins for WordPress Compared

    Now let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress breadcrumb plugins that you can consider.

    Sl.No.PluginsPrice (Starting from)
    1Breadcrumb Bar by Nexter BlocksFree
    2Breadcrumb NavXTFree
    3Flexy BreadcrumbFree
    4BreadcrumbFree + $29/yr
    5Rankmath SEO$6.99/m Billed Annually

    1. Breadcrumb Bar by Nexter Blocks

    Breadcrumb Bar by Nexter Blocks - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    Breadcrumb Bar by Nexter Blocks is considered as the best breadcrumb plugins for WordPress. This plugin helps you to add custom breadcrumbs easily to your WordPress website. 

    There are a plethora of customization options available like colors, style, multiple layouts, typography,  etc. 

    You can change the look and feel of your breadcrumb however you want which matches your brand’s style.

    Breadcrumb Design - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    It also integrates with the FontAwesome icon library where you can use different icons for your breadcrumbs.

    Fontawesome icons integration - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    One of the key features of this plugin is that it allows you to control the letter limit for each breadcrumb item. This means that you can ensure that your breadcrumb navigation is concise and easy to read, without sacrificing important information.

    It also offers visibility options for page hierarchy. This means that you can choose to display only the parent page, current page, or home page in the breadcrumb navigation, or you can display the entire page hierarchy.

    Moreover, this breadcrumb plugin is highly SEO optimized, it allows you to enable schema markup for your breadcrumbs so that search engines can better understand the structure of your site, improving visibility and user experience.

    Key Features of Breadcrumb Bar by Nexter Blocks

    • Multiple Layouts: This means the plugin offers various designs or styles for the breadcrumb bar, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your website’s aesthetic or layout.
    • Letter Limit: You can set a maximum limit for the number of letters or characters displayed in each breadcrumb item. This helps maintain a tidy appearance, especially for longer page titles.
    • Multiple Visibility Options for Page Hierarchy: Customize which pages appear in the breadcrumb trail based on their hierarchical relationship, ensuring a tailored navigation experience.
    • SEO optimized: With the help of its schema markup, it helps search engines understand the site structure which helps in improving SEO performance and site visibility on SERP

    Pricing of Breadcrumb Bar by Nexter Blocks

    It is free to use. All you have to do is just install the Nexter Blocks plugin from the WordPress repository.

    2. Breadcrumb NavXT

    Breadcrumb NavXT - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    Breadcrumb NavXT is one of the most popular WordPress breadcrumb plugins. It easily allows you to add location-based breadcrumbs to your pages and posts with its Breadcrumb trail block.

    With its network setting page, you can set up how breadcrumbs work on multiple sites at once, and decide which site’s settings are most important across all of them.

    This plugin is also compatible with WPML, Polylang, BBpress, and BuddyPress.

    Also, this breadcrumb plugin is highly customizable, you can customize the breadcrumb which suits your brand’s style and color.

    Key Features of Breadcrumb NavXT

    • Highly Customizable: Breadcrumb NavXT allows you to customize the breadcrumb trail to match your website’s design. You can customize the separator, the prefix, and the suffix of the breadcrumb trail. You can also customize the breadcrumb trail’s font, color, and size.
    • Easy to use: It is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. You can use the included widget to display the breadcrumb trail, or you can call the breadcrumb trail in your theme or child theme.
    • SEO-friendly: This plugin is SEO-friendly and helps search engines understand your website’s structure. This plugin uses schema.org markup to provide search engines with information about your website’s hierarchy.
    • Multilingual support: Breadcrumb NavXT supports multiple languages, making it easy to create breadcrumb trails for websites in different languages.

    Pricing of Breadcrumb NavXT

    Breadcrumb NavXT is a free breadcrumb plugin

    3. Flexy Breadcrumb

    Flexy Breadcrumb - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    Flexy Breadcrumb is the simplest breadcrumb plugins for WordPress available. You can easily showcase breadcrumbs anywhere on your website with the help of the shortcode.

    Also, you can set the home text and end of a breadcrumb and customize the breadcrumb’s text, link, separator, etc to match it with your brand’s look and feel.

    This plugin is also SEO friendly, with its added schema structure it helps search engines better interpret and display your content in search results. This can improve your website’s visibility.

    Flexy Breadcrumb is highly rated by users. Many people have found that this plugin is easy to use and provides them with the functionality they need to create effective breadcrumbs.

    Key Features of Flexy Breadcrumb

    • Easy Integration: Utilize the [flexy_breadcrumb] shortcode for easy implementation.
    • Customization: Change the breadcrumb separator and customize the Home and End text.
    • Navigation Control: Limit the number of words or characters in navigation menus.
    • Font Size Control: Set the font size of the breadcrumb trail for optimal display.

    Pricing of Flexy Breadcrumb

    Flexy Breadcrumb is open-source software that is available on the WordPress repository.

    4. Breadcrumb

    Breadcrumb - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    Breadcrumb is a freemium WordPress breadcrumb plugin. It is considered as a lightweight plugin for WordPress that helps you to display customized breadcrumbs on your website easily.

    With the help of this plugin, you can showcase your breadcrumbs anywhere on the home page, parent page, author page, archive page, search page, etc. using Shortcode.

    Also, you can hide breadcrumbs based on archives, post types, post IDs, etc. This plugin is also multilingual which means you can add your translation.

    With its script editor, you can also add custom CSS and JavaScript to customize your breadcrumbs.

    Key Features of Breadcrumb

    • Shortcode Integration: Easily display breadcrumbs anywhere using shortcodes.
    • Display flexibility: Breadcrumbs can be shown on various pages, including home, posts, pages, archives, and more.
    • Override capability: Elements can be overridden via filter hooks for advanced customization.
    • Styling options: Set custom font size, colors, margin, and padding for breadcrumbs.

    Pricing of Breadcrumb

    The paid plan start from $29/yr for 3 sites, $49/yr for 10 sites, $89/yr for 30 sites, and $129/yr for 50 sites.

    5. Rankmath SEO

    Rankmath SEO - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    Rankmath SEO is a popular WordPress SEO plugin that helps website owners optimize their websites for search engines. 

    This plugin also provides highly customizable breadcrumbs for your WordPress site. You can customize the design and colors of the breadcrumbs which suit your brand’s style.

    Also, this plugin provides Google-compliant breadcrumbs, which means the breadcrumbs follow Google’s recommended schema markup standards, enabling search engines to better understand the site’s structure and display relevant breadcrumbs in search results, helping in increasing site visibility.

    If you have multiple categories then you can customize which category to show in your breadcrumb navigation, this ensures that only relevant categories are displayed in the breadcrumb trail, making navigation more focused and user-friendly

    Key Features of Rankmath SEO

    • Highly Customizable: You can customize your breadcrumbs however you want which suit you brand’s style.
    • Easy Integration: Easily integrate breadcrumbs into your website with just a few clicks.
    • SEO Optimization: Breadcrumbs are optimized for search engines, helping to improve your site’s visibility and ranking.
    • Enhanced User Experience: Improve navigation for visitors by providing clear paths through your website’s structure.

    Pricing of Rankmath SEO

    Rankmath has 3 paid plans – the pro plan is $6.99/m, the Business plan is $20.99/m, and the Agency plan is $49.99/m; all are billed annually.

    Which Breadcrumb Plugin for WordPress Should You Choose?

    When it comes to choosing the best breadcrumb plugin for your WordPress site, it can be a daunting task because of the lot of options available in the market.

    But you can do it easily by considering some basic factors like the breadcrumb plugin you choose should be easy to use means you should able to integrate breadcrumbs easily without any hassle.

    Next, it should be highly customizable so you can change the look and feel of the breadcrumb which matches your brand’s color, Also it should have unique features like Multiple breadcrumb layouts, a Letter limiter to create a concise and clear breadcrumb trail.

    Along with that, the breadcrumbs you make should be highly SEO optimized so that search engines can understand your site structure easily, which helps in better ranking.

    So if you are looking for a plugin that fulfills all the factors mentioned above then you should go for Breadcrumb Bar by Nexter Blocks.

    As it is very easy to use, it is highly customizable, has multiple breadcrumb layout options to choose from, has a letter limiter, and lastly, due to its schema markup feature, you can create well-optimized breadcrumbs and can increase visibility on search engines.

    Moreover, The Breadcrumb Bar is only one of the 90+ unique blocks offered by Nexter Blocks. You can create a website from scratch without having any coding skills by using these blocks that stand out from the crowd.

    The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg 1 - 5 Best Breadcrumb Plugins For WordPress [Boost SEO]

    Check out the complete collection of 90+ Gutenberg Blocks here. 

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      FAQs on Breadcrumb Plugins for WordPress

      How does Breadcrumb Work?

      Breadcrumb navigation works by displaying a trail of links that represent the user’s path from the homepage to the current page. Users can click on any part of the trail to navigate back to previous pages. Breadcrumbs improve website usability, helping users understand their location within the site’s structure.

      How to implement breadcrumbs in WordPress without using a plugin?

      WordPress has a built-in function called get_breadcrumb() that can be used to implement breadcrumbs without using a plugin. However, this requires some coding knowledge. If you’re not comfortable with coding, it’s recommended to use a plugin instead.

      How does Breadcrumb help in improving SEO?

      Breadcrumbs improve SEO by enhancing site structure and user experience. They provide clear navigation paths, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index pages. Additionally, they increase user engagement by helping visitors understand the site hierarchy.

      What are WooCommerce Breadcrumbs?

      WooCommerce Breadcrumb is a navigational aid displayed on online stores built with WooCommerce. It helps users track their location within the site hierarchy, showing the path from the homepage to the current page.

      How to add breadcrumbs in WordPress?

      To add breadcrumbs in WordPress, install a breadcrumb plugin like Breadcrumb Bar by Nexter Blocks or Breadcrumb NavXT. Once installed, activate the plugin and customize breadcrumb settings as needed. Typically, breadcrumbs automatically appear on your site after activation, providing users with clear navigation paths.