7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

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Are you Looking for an SEO Friendly WordPress theme? Whether you are blogging or running an online store, choosing the right WordPress theme is Important.

WordPress SEO Friendly themes can help you to get better ranking which enhances your site’s visibility in search engines and your website will get a good amount of traffic.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the best WordPress SEO Friendly themes that can help boost the rank of your website on search engines.

Let’s get started!

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    What are WordPress SEO Friendly Themes?

    WordPress SEO Friendly themes are website themes designed to be optimized for search engines, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index the website’s content.

    What are WordPress Friendly Themes - 7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

    These themes often include features like clean and efficient code, fast loading times, mobile responsiveness, structured data markup, and customizable SEO settings.

    Using an SEO-friendly theme, you can improve the chances of your website ranking higher in search engine results pages and attract more organic traffic to your site.

    Benefits of Using WordPress SEO Friendly Themes 

    Here are some of the benefits of using SEO Friendly Themes for your WordPress website.

    • Better Search Engine Rankings: An SEO-friendly theme helps your website rank higher on Google and other search engines. For instance, a bakery started appearing on the first page of Google, bringing in more customers.
    • Faster Website Load Times: These themes make your website load faster. For example, an online store noticed fewer people leaving quickly and more people buying products after switching to a faster theme.
    • Works Well on Mobile Devices: SEO-friendly themes look good and function well on phones and tablets. A photographer’s site, for example, attract more clients because it looks great on mobile phones.
    • Better User Experience: These themes are easy to navigate, enhancing the user experience. A travel blog, for example, saw visitors staying longer and viewing more pages, leading to higher ad revenue.
    • Built-in SEO Tools: Many SEO-friendly themes come with built-in tools that help with search engine optimization. A tech review site improved its search result appearance, leading to more clicks and visitors, by using these built-in SEO tools.

    Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes Compared

    Let’s take a look at some of the top WordPress SEO friendly themes that you can consider.

    1NexterFree + $39/year
    2Simple Nova$39/year
    3GeneratePressFree + $59/year
    4Superb ECommerce$39/year
    5Minimalist Writer$39/year
    6OceanWPFree + $44/year
    7NeveFree + $139/year

    1. Nexter SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

    Nexter SEO Friendly WordPress Theme - 7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

    Nexter is the best WordPress SEO Friendly theme available that offers a range of features to enhance website performance and functionality.

    Its lightweight nature and advanced security features contribute to improving website performance and user experience, which are important factors for search engine rankings. 

    It provides built-in features that eliminate the need for additional plugins, reducing server requests and improving website security with Google reCAPTCHA integration which improves load times, user experience and protect your website from spam and malicious activities.

    This theme can significantly impact your website’s performance by improving search engine rankings, enhancing load times, optimizing mobile functionality, and providing Breadcrumb schema markup which helps Google crawl and index your pages more effectively.

    With Nexter you can achieve improved search engine rankings can significantly boost your online visibility and attract more potential customers to your website.

    Key Features of Nexter SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

    • Ultra-light architecture: Nexter is built on ultra-light architecture (less than 50 KB), making it lightweight and fast. This ensures that your website loads quickly, which is crucial for SEO and user experience.
    • Inbuilt security features: This theme comes with inbuilt security features that protect your website from malicious attacks. This ensures that your website is safe and secure, which is important for SEO and user trust.
    • SEO friendly: It is designed to be SEO friendly, ensuring that your website ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is optimized for speed, mobile responsiveness, and clean code, which are important factors for SEO.
    • No need for third-party plugins: This theme has lots of inbuilt features that reduce to installation of lots of plugins. Which reduces the load on your website and
    • Regular updates: Nexter is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes, ensuring that your website stays up-to-date and secure. This feature plays a huge role in search engine visibility.

    Pricing of Nexter SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

    Nexter WP theme is freely available to download from the WordPress repository. But you can upgrade to the premium version for $39/year to access additional features. You also get the premium versions of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg or The Plus Addons for Elementor as part of the deal.

    2. Simple Nova

    Simple Nova - 7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

    Simple Nova is a top-notch free WordPress theme that’s great for everyone from bloggers to big companies. It has a sleek, modern design with a cool dark mode option that looks good while keeping things simple.

    The theme works well on all devices, so everyone gets a smooth experience. It’s not just about looks – Simple Nova is also set up for search engines, so your content can be easily found.

    You can customize it easily with popular page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg, making it perfect for online stores or personal blogs.

    Key Features of Simple Nova

    • Mobile-friendly and AMP-ready: The theme is designed to be mobile-friendly and is compatible with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for fast loading on mobile devices.
    • Optimized for search engines: The theme is fully optimized for search engines, ensuring that your website is easily discoverable and ranks well in search results.
    • Supports e-commerce: The theme is compatible with e-commerce platforms, allowing you to easily set up and manage online stores.
    • Easy 1-click content import: The theme offers a simple 1-click content import feature, making it easy to set up and customize your website with pre-designed content and layouts.

    Pricing of Simple Nova

    You can buy the Simple Nova Premium Plan at $39 which is a one-time purchase plan, the SuperbThemes Premium Subscription Plan at $79, and the SuperbThemes Premium Lifetime Plan at $215.

    3. GeneratePress

    GeneratePress - 7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

    GeneratePress can be considered a powerful minimalist theme, known for its simplicity and strong performance in terms of SEO.

    This theme offers a plethora of customization options like colors, typography, and background images so you can customize your website in such a way that it matches your brand colors.

    Also, if you have a Woocommerce store then this theme helps you add more customization flexibility, and control to your store.

    It prioritizes performance, accessibility, and SEO best practices, ensuring proper crawling by search engines and accessibility for all web users.

    Key Features of GeneratPress

    • Lightweight and Fast: GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that loads quickly, which is important for SEO. The theme is less than 30kb in size, and it is optimized for speed.
    • Mobile Responsive: This theme is highly responsive, which means that it will look great on any device. This is important for SEO because Google now uses mobile-first indexing.
    • Schema Markup: It includes built-in schema markup, which is important for SEO. Schema markup helps search engines understand the content on your website, which can improve your search engine rankings.
    • Accessibility Ready: GeneratePress is designed to be accessible, which means that it is easy to use for people with disabilities. This is important for SEO because Google now considers accessibility as a ranking factor.

    Pricing of GeneratePress

    Generate Press offers 2 types of plans yearly and lifetime plan. Its yearly or lifetime plan has the same features. Its yearly plan starts at just 59$/year and its lifetime plan 249$.

    4. Superb ECommerce

    Superb ECommerce - 7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

    Superb eCommerce is a fresh WordPress theme designed to smoothly integrate with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, making it an excellent choice for launching your online store.

    This versatile theme is compatible with a wide range of blocks, page builders, and widgets, offering flexibility and ease of use.

    It features a clean and user-friendly blog layout, allowing for quick and hassle-free blog setup.

    Superb eCommerce is fully optimized for search engines and is compatible with various plugins, enabling you to enhance your website’s functionality.

    It also ensures fast page speed, clean code, and full GDPR compliance, providing a competitive edge. With its strong features and seamless integration, Superb eCommerce is an ideal solution for creating a powerful and visually appealing online store on your WordPress website.

    Features of Superb ECommerce

    • Fully SEO Optimized: The theme is designed and structured to be search engine friendly, helping to improve the website’s visibility and ranking in search results.
    • Multiple Website Support: This feature allows you to use the same theme on multiple websites or create a network of websites from a single WordPress installation.
    • Customizable Fonts and Colors: You can change the fonts and colors of your website to match your brand.
    • Importable Demo Content: Users can easily import pre-designed demo content, making it simpler to set up and customize their website with ready-made layouts and designs.

    Pricing of Superb ECommerce

    You can Buy the Simple Nova Premium Plan at $39 which is a one-time purchase plan, the SuperbThemes Premium Subscription Plan at $79, and the SuperbThemes Premium Lifetime Plan at $215.

    5. Minimalist Writer

    Minimalist Writer - 7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

    The Minimalist Writer theme is versatile and suits various content types such as reviews and affiliate posts. It is designed for high search engine visibility and offers ample space for ads.

    You have the flexibility to place ads wherever you prefer, and it seamlessly integrates with AdSense, enabling you to generate revenue from ads.

    No matter the nature of the content you intend to share on your new blog or similar platform, this theme is an ideal option for you.

    Its adaptability, search engine optimization, and ad-friendly layout make it a practical and profitable choice for content creators and bloggers.

    Key Features of Minimalist Writer

    • Fully SEO Optimized: The theme is structured and designed with search engine optimization in mind, ensuring that the website is easily discoverable and ranks well in search engine results.
    • Translation Ready: This feature allows the theme to be easily translated into different languages, making the website accessible to a wider audience.
    • Pagespeed Plugin: This feature indicates that the theme is compatible with a plugin designed to optimize page loading speed, which is a crucial factor for SEO and user experience.
    • Elementor Compatible: The theme is compatible with Elementor, a popular page builder plugin, allowing users to create and customize web pages with ease.

    Pricing of Minimalist Writer

    You can Buy the Simple Nova Premium Plan at $39 which is a one-time purchase plan, the SuperbThemes Premium Subscription Plan at $79, and the SuperbThemes Premium Lifetime Plan at $215.

    6. OceanWP

    OceanWP - 7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

    OceanWP can be considered a great WordPress theme for SEO. This theme is specially designed for business and e-commerce websites.

    Renowned as one of the highest-rated WordPress themes on WordPress.org, it offers a wide array of functionalities.

    It is fully optimized for search engines, enhancing its visibility and accessibility. As a free theme, it provides users with a cost-effective solution for creating professional and responsive websites.

    Its adaptability and user-friendly features make it a popular choice for businesses and online shops looking to establish a strong online presence.

    With its impressive range of features and strong performance, OceanWP stands out as a reliable and versatile option for WordPress users seeking a strong and visually appealing theme.

    Key Features of OceanWP

    • Lightweight and Fast: OceanWP is designed to be lightweight and fast, which means that your website will load quickly and provide a great user experience. This is important because Google takes page speed into account when ranking websites.
    • SEO-friendly: This theme is built with SEO in mind, which means that your website will be optimized for search engines right out of the box. This includes things like clean code, fast loading times, and mobile responsiveness.
    • Compatibility with page builders: This theme is fully compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi, which means that you can easily create custom pages and layouts without having to code anything yourself.
    • Translation & RTL: With the help of the Translation and RTL feature you can allow your website visitors to translate your website content into their native language and also supports languages that are read from right to left which makes your website accessible globally.

    Pricing of OceanWP

    OceanWP has 4 plans for 1 site there is a Starter Plan at $44 per year, for 3 sites there is a Personal Plan at $54 per year, for 10 Sites there is a Business at $89 per year and for 300 sites there is an Agency at $159 per year.

    7. Neve

    Neve - 7 Best WordPress SEO Friendly Themes [Boost Rankings]

    Neve can be considered a versatile WordPress theme designed with the user in mind, This theme is ideal for e-commerce sites, small businesses, etc. Also, this theme is highly responsive and SEO-optimized.

    Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, you can easily customize your pages using the intuitive drag-and-drop feature with Elementor or Beaver Builder.

    It provides a collection of free starter sites made for various purposes such as business, online stores, blogs, portfolios, travel, and agency websites, catering to a wide range of needs.

    With its focus on speed, flexibility, and user-friendly customization options, Neve empowers users to create professional and visually appealing websites without the need for extensive technical knowledge, making it a valuable asset for anyone looking to establish a strong online presence.

    Key Features of Neve

    • Mobile-first approach: Neve is built with a mobile-first approach, which means it’s designed to look great on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. This is important because Google now considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.
    • Fast loading: It is optimized for speed, which means your website will load quickly. This is important because site speed is also a ranking factor.
    • SEO-friendly: This theme built with SEO in mind, which means it’s optimized for search engines. It has clean code, schema markup, and other SEO features that can help improve your website’s visibility in search results.
    • Integration with popular page builders: Neve integrates easily with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer. This makes it easy to create custom pages and layouts without any coding knowledge.

    Pricing of Neve

    Neve has 3 plans the personal plan at $139/year, the business plan at 299/year, and the Agency at $519/year.

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      Which WordPress SEO Friendly Theme Should You Choose?

      Choosing the right WordPress SEO friendly theme can be a daunting task when there are a plethora of options available.

      Still, there are some basic factors that you may consider while choosing a perfect SEO-optimized theme for your WordPress site.

      Firstly, the theme should be Highly Customizable, which means you should be able to customize each and every corner of the theme so that it matches your brand colors.

      Second, it should be Light Weight, which means if the theme is light in weight then it will take less time to load which is important from an SEO point of view.

      The theme you are choosing should be Highly compatible with other plugins so that there are no conflicts between the plugin you are using and the theme.

      Lastly, the theme should be Mobile Friendly, As nowadays most users access the website from their mobile or tablets so it’s important to provide a smooth experience to mobile users.

      After all, choosing the right WordPress SEO optimized theme totally depends on personal and business needs. 

      But if you are still wondering which theme to choose, then we highly recommend you to use Nexter Theme as it fulfills all the factors mentioned above.

      This theme offers a plethora of inbuilt features that can replace multiple plugins like Code Snippets, Google reCAPTCHA, Google Fonts, Replace text and URL, Regenerate Thumbnail, and many more so that you don’t have to use different plugins for different purposes which makes your website lightweight and faster that eventually helps you to get higher ranking on search engines.

      FAQs on WordPress SEO Friendly Themes

      Will I lose Google ranking if I redesign or redevelop my website?

      When redesigning or redeveloping your website, it’s crucial to take precautions to avoid negatively impacting your SEO ranking. By adhering to best practices such as maintaining consistent site structure and URLs, implementing 301 redirects, and updating your sitemap and robots.txt files, you can preserve or potentially enhance your ranking.

      Are WordPress themes SEO-friendly by default?

      Not all WordPress themes are good for SEO, but many are. When picking a theme, choose one that is lightweight, loads fast, and has clean code. Also, make sure it’s mobile-friendly and offers a good user experience. Check reviews and ratings to see if others have had SEO success with the theme.

      Does a website theme matter for SEO?

      Your website theme can impact your SEO. A poorly coded or slow-loading theme can hurt your ranking, while a fast-loading, mobile-responsive theme can help improve it. A good user experience also boosts SEO.

      Is a single-page website bad for SEO?

      Single-page websites can present challenges for SEO due to limited content and keyword targeting. However, strategic optimization and high-quality content can mitigate these challenges.

      Which page element carries the most weight for SEO?

      The title tag carries the most weight for SEO as it provides a concise and relevant description of the page’s content, influencing search engine rankings and user click-through rates.

      Which font is SEO-friendly?

      Fonts like Arial, Verdana, and Georgia are considered SEO-friendly due to their readability and widespread support across different devices and browsers. Using web-safe fonts ensures consistent display and accessibility, positively impacting user experience and potentially SEO.

      Can too much content hurt SEO?

      Excessive low-quality or repetitive content can harm SEO by diluting keyword relevance, diminishing user experience, and triggering search engine penalties. However, comprehensive, high-quality content that adds value to users can positively impact SEO.

      How do I know if my content is SEO-friendly?

      To ensure SEO-friendly content, focus on relevance, readability, and keyword optimization. Use relevant keywords naturally, structure content with headings and subheadings, and provide valuable information. Also, consider user intent, mobile-friendliness, and page speed for a well-rounded SEO approach.