5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins [Interact With Customers]

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Despite providing the best products or services still losing potential customers? One of the main reasons behind this can be a lack of proper customer support on your website.

Slow response times and unanswered questions can drive visitors away, leaving them dissatisfied and likely to choose your competitors.

But, luckily you can provide proper live chat support to your website visitors very easily with the help of WordPress chat plugins.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best chat plugins available that you may use in your website to integrate live chat functionality also at the end we’ll help you to choose the perfect chat plugin for your site.

Let’s get started!

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    What are WordPress Chat Plugins

    WordPress chat plugins are tools that you can add to your WordPress website to enable live chat with your visitors.

    WordPress Chat plugins - 5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins [Interact With Customers]

    With the help of these plugins, you can communicate directly with people who visit your site.

    This can help answer questions, provide support, or even guide customers through a purchase.

    When you install a chat plugin, a small chat window appears on your website. Visitors can click on it to start a conversation with you or your support team.

    You can respond in real time, making it easier to solve problems quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

    Real-Life Use Cases of WordPress Chat Plugins

    Providing a reliable and quick way to communicate with your visitors can make a significant impact on your website’s success. This is where chat plugins come in handy.

    Here are some real-life examples where chat plugins can be used:

    • Customer Support for Online Stores: An eCommerce website can use a chat plugin that allows e-commerce chat to provide real-time customer support. For example, if a customer has a question about a product or needs help with their order, they can quickly get assistance through the chat feature.

    • Booking Assistance for Travel Agencies: Travel agencies can use chat plugins to help customers with booking flights, hotels, or tours. A customer planning a trip can ask questions about destinations, pricing, and availability, and get instant responses.

    • Lead Generation for Service-Based Businesses: A consulting firm or marketing agency can use live chat options to engage with potential clients who visit their website. By offering immediate answers to inquiries and providing more information about the services they are providing, the chat feature can help convert visitors into leads.

    • Appointment Scheduling for Healthcare Providers: Clinics and healthcare providers can use chat plugins to assist patients in scheduling appointments. Patients can inquire about available times, discuss their needs, and book appointments directly through the chat, simplifying the process and enhancing the patient experience.

    • Interactive Learning for Educational Websites: Online learning platforms can use chat plugins to facilitate interaction between students and instructors. Students can ask questions about course materials, seek clarification on assignments, and get instant feedback, creating a more engaging and supportive learning environment.

    Now let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress chat plugins available that you may consider using.

    5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins [Compared]

    SR. NoChat PluginsPrice (Starting From)
    2.3CX Live ChatFree + $195/yr
    4.TidioFree + $29/m
    5.Live Chat by FormillaFree + $13.99/yr

    1. LiveChat

    LiveChat - 5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins [Interact With Customers]

    LiveChat is a popular live chat solution that can be easily integrated with your WordPress website by using its plugin which allows you to engage with your website visitors in real time and provide them with instant support.

    With the help of this chat plugin, you can pre-set the messages that will start talking to your customers automatically when you are not available, or you can chat with the selected visitors.

    You can customize the chat widget’s look and feel however you want that matches your brand’s identity also it is highly responsive.

    Also, you can recommend products, make an announcement, etc based on visitor behavior, Also LiveChat Integrates with other popular tools like Mailchimp, Paypal, and Stipe, to fulfill your multiple business needs.

    Key Features of LiveChat

    • Highly Customizable: With LiveChat, you can customize the chat window to match your website’s branding. You can choose from a range of colors, fonts, and themes, and even add your company logo to the chat window.
    • Pre Written messages: Pre-written messages allow you to quickly respond to common customer queries. This can save you time and ensure that your responses are consistent and accurate.
    • Live Chat Bot: You can easily build trainable chatbots to
    • leads and create sales opportunities.
    • Integration with other tools: LiveChat integrates with a range of other tools, including CRMs, email marketing platforms, and social media channels. This can help you to manage your workflow and provide a better experience for your customers.

    Pricing of LiveChat

    The price of the paid plans starts from $20/yr.

    2. 3CX Live Chat

    3CX Live Chat - 5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins [Interact With Customers]

    3CX WordPress chat plugin can be considered as a great option. It is one of the most popular live chat plugins available for WordPress.

    You can chat and collaborate with your customers and team in all forms of communication like Calls, chat, and conferences.

    Also, there are multiple agents to which you can transfer the customers to different agents as per the requirements. 

    This Chat plugin is highly customizable you can customize your chat window that suit your website’s color and identity.

    Key Features of 3CX Live Chat

    • Easy to setup: This chat plugin is very easy to setup and use
    • Quick Customer Support: The live chat plugin allows your agents to quickly respond to your website visitors’ queries, providing them with the assistance they need in real time.
    • Upselling Opportunities: Your agents can help leads find what they need, answer questions, and upsell products or services, just like they would on the shop floor.
    • WhatsApp and Facebook Integration: With this chat plugin you can send and receive messages via Facebook and WhatsApp too.

    Pricing of 3CX of Live Chat

    3CX live chat is a free WordPress chat plugin also, it has paid plans which start from $195/yr and goes up to $245/yr.

    3. Tawk.To 

    Tawk.To - 5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins [Interact With Customers]

    Tawk.To Live Chat is a great WordPress chat plugin that is worth considering. With the help of this plugin, you can easily monitor and chat with your customers, and respond to support tickets.

    You can monitor your customer’s activity in real-time and know which pages your customers are visiting, and what they are searching for within your knowledge base, also you can see which team members are connected with the visitors recently and maintain conversation history.

    Along with that, you can assign different tags to different team members to make sure that the right team member is responding to the right visitors at the right time.

    Also, if your customer base is from different countries then no need to worry, with Tawk.To’s built-in translation functionality allows your visitors or customers to chat in their language.

    Key Features of Tawk.To

    • Block-Based Text Editor: This editor allows you to effortlessly organize and format your articles using various content blocks. You can easily insert and arrange images, GIFs, code snippets, and videos within your text.
    • Live Chat: With its live chat feature, you can chat with your website visitors in real time. This feature is available on both desktop and mobile devices, making it easy for you to connect with your visitors no matter where you are.
    • Knowledge Base: Tawk.To provide a knowledge base feature that allows you to create and manage a library of articles and FAQs. This feature can help your visitors find answers to their questions without having to start a chat with you.
    • AI Assist: with its smart and advanced AI Assist feature you can give smart answers to your customer’s queries by leveraging the power of AI.

    Pricing of Tawk.To

    Tawk.To is a free WordPress chat plugin, you can download it from the WordPress repository.

    4. Tidio

    Tidio - 5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins [Interact With Customers]

    Tidio can be considered as a great WordPress live chat plugin. It uses conversational AI to solve 70% of the customer’s problem without human interaction.

    There are numerous pre-built chatbot templates and highly customizable chat widgets. Tidio is 100% mobile-friendly means your customers can talk with you on a mobile, tablet, and desktop.

    Also, this plugin helps you to divide your team members according to their department so that the customer can be redirected to that particular member according to the customer’s query.

    The best part about this live chat plugin is that you can centralize all the customer communication from one place with the help of multiple messaging channels like Email, Live Chat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

    Key Features of Tidio

    • Pre-Chat Survey:  You can refer to the client’s data before the chat starts so that you can understand their needs and answer them accordingly.
    • 35+ E-commerce Templates: 35+ plug-and-play templates are available to choose from so that you can engage your visitors and sell more.
    • Shopping Cart Preview:  You can take a look at the shopping cart of your customers, and their order history to recommend other products during the chat.
    • Drag and Drop Email Builder: You can customize your email campaigns effectively with the help of a drag-and-drop email builder.

    Pricing of Tidio

    The price of the paid plan starts from $29/m and goes up to $59/m.

    5. Live Chat By Formilla

    Live Chat By Formilla - 5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins [Interact With Customers]

    Live Chat by Formilla is one of the great WordPress live chat and customer support tools. You can answer pre-sale questions, qualify leads, view customer data, and many more.

    Its real-time visitor monitoring features allow you to track your visitor’s data like how many visitors are looking at your website, and where they are currently on your website, so you can offer help by requesting a chat according to that data.

    You can also set canned messages for the questions that are frequently asked with just a single click. 

    Live Chat by Formilla also has a mobile app so that you can respond and chat with your customer from anywhere using your phone, also you will get a notification on your mobile when any visitor first time visits your website.

    Key Features Live Chat By Formilla

    • Personalize chat: You can personalize your chat widget however you want that matches your website’s color, you can add bios and pics of your team members, it shows a real human connection.
    • Custom Chatbots: you can create chatbots that will work for you 24/7 to answer general visitor queries, book meetings, etc.
    • Google Analytics Tracking: with the help of Google Analytics you can check how your chat campaigns are performing, check how your visitors are interacting with the Live Chat, and many more.
    • Multiple integrations: This plugin integrates with various tools such as MailChimp, CRMs like Pipedrive, and ticket systems such as Zendesk. 

    Pricing of Live Chat By Formilla

    The price of the paid plan starts from $13.99/yr and goes up to 59.99/yr.

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      Which WordPress Chat Plugin You Should Choose?

      Every WordPress chat plugin is different and each of them has unique features that differentiate each plugin from one another.

      Choosing the right chat plugin for your site depends on your personal and business needs. Still, there are some basic factors that you can consider while choosing the best chat plugin for your site.

      First thing first, it should be Easy to use, which means that the plugin you choose should plug and play functionality so that you don’t have to waste time to set up.

      Second, it should be Highly Customizable, so that you can customize your chat widget’s look and feel that match your site’s colors and brand identity.

      Also, it should be a Feature Rich, which means that the plugin should have some great features like Canned Messages, Live Chat Functionality, AI Chat Bot integration, Multiple messaging channels, etc. Lastly, it should be Budget-friendly.

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      With these blocks, you can transform your simple Gutenberg website into more beautiful and engaging site. The best part is you don’t need to write even a single line of code.

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      FAQs on WordPress Chat Plugins

      Does WordPress have live support?

      No, WordPress does not offer live support. However, users can access extensive documentation, community forums, and various support channels provided by third-party services and hosting providers to get help with their WordPress sites.

      Why use Live Chat on my website?

      Using live chat on your website can improve customer support, increase engagement, and boost sales by providing real-time assistance. It helps address visitor queries instantly, enhances user experience, and can lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

      Are there any WordPress plugins that allow chat between users?

      Yes, several WordPress plugins allow chat between users. Some popular options include BuddyPress, WP Symposium Pro, and PeepSo. These plugins provide a platform for users to communicate with each other, share content, and build communities.

      How to create a chat system in WordPress?

      To create a chat system in WordPress, install and activate a chat plugin like LiveChat or Tawk.to. Configure the plugin settings, customize the chat widget, and add it to your site. This enables real-time communication with your visitors, enhancing support and engagement.

      How to add WhatsApp chat capabilities to a WordPress website?

      To add WhatsApp chat capabilities to your WordPress website, you can use a plugin such as WhatsApp Chat for WordPress. This plugin allows you to add a WhatsApp chat button to your site, which visitors can use to start a conversation with you on WhatsApp.