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Nexter Theme Features

Nexter Theme Builder

CARD 1 - Features

Advanced Header Builder

Get rid of the limited Header customizer. Use Elementor Widgets or Blocks to create custom. menu.

CARD 2 - Features

Advanced Footer Builder

Your custom Footer with no limit of layout. Create any footer layout you want with our Footer Builder.

CARD 3 - Features

Breadcrumbs Bar

Help users navigate your website by adding breadcrumb bar that shows the path they’ve taken.

CARD 4 - Features

404 Page

Turn a “Page Not Found” into an opportunity by customizing your 404 error page with your branding and helpful content.

CARD 5 - Features

Single Pages

Create custom Single pages for your CPT, Blog Posts, or WooCommerce Product Pages.

CARD 6 - Features

Archive Pages

Create custom listing pages for posts, CPT or WooCommerce Products.

CARD 7 - Features

Code Snippets (HTML, PHP, CSS, JS)

Empower developers with the ability to add custom code for enhanced functionality and design.

CARD 8 - Features

Display Rules for Theme Builder Sections

Control where and how your theme builder sections appear on your site.

CARD 9 - Features

Action & Filter Hooks

Fine-tune your website’s behavior and appearance by utilizing action and filter hooks for developers to extend functionalities.

Extra Options

CARD 10 - Features

Adobe Fonts

Access an extensive library of stylish fonts from Adobe to make your website text visually appealing. Connect with Adobe Cloud Fonts.

CARD 11 - Features

Local Google FontsPopular

Self-Host Google Fonts on your website locally for better performance.

CARD 12 - Features

Custom Upload Fonts

Take full control of your site’s typography by uploading your own custom fonts.

CARD 13 - Features

Disable Admin Settings

Simplify your WordPress dashboard by hiding unnecessary admin settings, notications etc.

CARD 14 - Features

Google reCAPTCHA

Protect your website from spam and malicious activities with Google reCAPTCHA integration.

CARD 15 - Features

Replace Text & URL

Easily bulk replace replace text or URLs throughout your website at once.

CARD 16 - Features

Post & Page Duplicator

Save time by duplicating posts and pages with a few clicks, maintaining a consistent layout.

CARD 17 - Features

Export & Import Theme Customiser

Effortlessly transfer your theme customizations settings between sites, streamlining your design process.

CARD 18 - Features

Regenerate ThumbnailsNEW

Ensure your images display perfectly by regenerating thumbnail sizes without hassle.

CARD 20 - Features

WP Login White LabelUNIQUE

Brand your WP Admin Login page with your logo and colors for a professional and cohesive user experience.


CARD 21 - Features

Advance Performance TweaksUNIQUE

Optimize your website’s speed and performance with advanced tweaks and remove non-required assets loading.

CARD 22 - Features

Disable Comments

Get rid of spam links from comments by disabling comments where they’re not needed.

CARD 23 - Features

Disable Image SizesNEW

Save server resources by selectively disabling unnecessary image sizes, ensuring efficient image handling.

CARD 24 - Features

Register Custom Image SizesNEW

Tailor your image sizes to fit your website’s design perfectly, optimizing both performance and visuals.

CARD 25 - Features

Disable Elementor IconsNEW

Fine-tune your website’s performance by selectively disabling Elementor icons when they’re not in use.


Security CARD 1 - Features

Advance Security

Harden your website’s defenses with advanced security measures to protect your valuable content.

security card 2 - Features


Strengthen security by hiding your WP-Admin URL, making it more difficult for unauthorized access.

security card 3 - Features

Content Protections

Safeguard your content from unauthorized copying and distribution, preserving your intellectual property.

security card 4 - Features

Login Email NotificationNEW

Stay informed about login activities on your website with email notifications for added security and peace of mind.

Theme Customiser

CARD 26 - Features

Global Container Size

Easily control the width of your website’s content, making it look just the way you want it.

CARD 27 - Features

Enable & Disable Header

Customize your site by turning the header on or off, giving you the flexibility you need.

CARD 28 - Features

Enable & Disable Footer

Tailor your website’s appearance by choosing whether to show or hide the footer section.

CARD 29 - Features

Global Fonts

Select fonts that match your style throughout your entire site for a consistent and polished look.

CARD 30 - Features

Global Colors

Change the colors on your website to match your brand or personal taste globally with consistent colors.

CARD 31 - Features

Text Selection ColorUNIQUE

Even the smallest details matter. Choose the color when users select text on your site.

CARD 32 - Features

Body Style

Define the overall look of the site’s global content layout for your visitor.

CARD 33 - Features

Sidebar Layouts

Control how sidebars appear, allowing for better organization and user experience.

CARD 34 - Features

Post Single Customizer

Control what to show on your Post Single page with our advanced Post Single customizer.

CARD 35 - Features

Navigation Menu Maker

Create navigation menu items using the Theme Customizer, organizing them from parent to child for submenu items.

CARD 36 - Features

Custom CSS

For advanced users, add custom code to further customize your website design.

CARD 37 - Features

Site Identity

Brand your site with your Logo, favicon, site title & tagline to create a recall impression.

CARD 38 - Features

Maintenance & Coming Soon ModePopular

When making updates or building your site, let visitors know you’ll be back soon with a professional maintenance or coming soon page.

white label theme - Features

Whitelabel Nexter Theme

Brand our Nexter Theme with your agency name, so your clients never know the engineering power behind it.