Default WordPress Customisation Options

Table of Contents

Let’s check some of the common WordPress customiser options that you’ll get with any theme including the Nexter theme.

Site Identity

From here you can add a logo and favicon to your website. If you haven’t created a logo, you can also add your site title and tagline from here.

customiser site identity


From here you can create and add menus to your site. Once you navigate to Menus from the customiser you’ll find two options. You can either create a new menu by clicking the Create New Menu button or if you already have a menu, you can assign it to a specific location from the View Location option.

When you click on the Create New Menu, you’ll have to give a name to the menu and then on the next screen you can add menu items from different sources such as page, post, categories, etc or you can add custom links as well.

customiser menus

While creating the menu you can select the menu location as well or you can do that from the View Location option.


Widgets are small blocks of content that can be added to specific areas of a WordPress website. With the help of widgets you can easily add and remove content from your site. From the Widgets menu of customiser you can easily add widgets to specific parts of your website.

Once you navigate to Widgets from the customiser, you’ll find the locations where you can add the widgets. The available locations will differ depending on the page you’re on within the customiser.

Simply navigate to the location, you can edit the existing widgets or you can click on the + button to add any available WordPress block.

customiser widgets

Note: You can use the WordPress block editor within the widget area, but the narrow space in the customiser can make it difficult to manage. Alternatively, you can go to Appearance > Widget to use the block editor better.

Homepage Settings

From here you can select which page will be your homepage. Here you’ll find two options under Your homepage displays – 

Your latest posts –  This will show the latest blog posts on the home page, this option is suitable for blogs.

A static page – With this option, you can select a custom static page as your home page as well the post page to show blog posts. 

customiser homepage settings

Additional CSS

If you want to style your site beyond the options available with a theme, you can do that from here using custom CSS. If you know CSS just target the element using the browser Inspect Element and write the CSS you’ll see the changes live in the customiser preview.

customiser additional css

This is a great option to add a unique style to your website to stand apart from other websites using the same theme.