How to Remove wlwmanifest, RSD & Shortlink Link in WordPress Website?

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WordPress is a powerful content management system that provides numerous features to website owners. However, some of these features such as wlwmanifest, RSD, and Shortlink links may not be necessary for all websites. These links are automatically generated by WordPress and can be found in website source code. In those cases disabling them can optimise your website for better performance.

Disabling all these individually might require multiple plugins but with the Nexter Extension (Free) plugin you can easily remove these tags.

Why Disable Wlwmanifest?

This is added with the WordPress default installation. It is used by Windows Live Writer and if you don’t use Windows Live Write you should disable this link.

Why Disable RSD?

This is added with the WordPress default installation. If you edit your site from browser then this code is not required and it is also used by some 3rd party applications that utilize XML-RPC requests. In most cases, this is just unnecessary code.

Why Disable Shortlink?

This tag is also added with the WordPress default installation. This is used for a shortlink to your pages and posts. But if you are using pretty permalinks, such as you can remove this tag.

This how the tags look in the source code.

rsd shortlink wlw

How to Disable Wlwmanifest, RSD and Shortlink with The Nexter Extension?

To do this, go to Appearance > Nexter Settings > Performance.

Then in Advance Performance click on the Settings button.

advanced performance settings

This will open Advance Performance popup, from there enable Remove RSD Link, Remove wlwmanifest Link and Remove Shortlink.

Then click on the Save button.

disable rsd shortlink wlw

This will remove all those tags at once.

rsd shortlink wlw removed