State of FSE with Nexter – Big Announcement

If you’re not living under the rock, I am sure you must have come across terms like FSE Themes or Full Site Editing Themes which came into action from WordPress.5.9.

If you have heard this for the first time, then allow me to share a quick overview of it.

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    What is FSE (Full Site Editing Themes)?

    FSE is a major update that combines the block editor, block patterns, and block-based themes to provide a seamless editing experience. With FSE, users can edit all parts of their site using the block editor, including headers, navigation, and post templates. However, the editing options are limited to the available blocks and their features/settings.

    What Does it Mean to you as an Elementor or Gutenberg user?

    As an Elementor user, FSE may not have a significant impact on your website editing experience. This is because Elementor already provides a comprehensive Theme Builder feature that allows for advanced customization of themes without the need for coding. 

    But if you’re a Gutenberg Block editor user, FSE is more relevant for users of the default WordPress themes, such as TwentyTwentyThree, who will see a significant improvement in their editing experience with FSE.

    What about Nexter Theme?

    At Nexter, we have our own powerful Theme with its own Theme Builder for Gutenberg Block Editor & Elementor. Our core focus is to provide a better ecosystem where users don’t have to jump from one Theme to another in search of a perfect theme. 

    With no major style of its own, we built this theme for easier access but highest customization. The amount of controls you see to customize your website never makes you feel limited.

    One of the USPs of being a Nexter user is its extension. We talked with hundreds of agencies and made note of all things they install when making sites, and we made a list and added them to our extension. The extensions range from Google reCAPTCHA, Adobe, Google &, Custom Fonts, Content protection, post duplicator, and more.

    Nexter FSE – Coming Soon!

    But with the recent advent of FSE in WordPress, we love how this is shaping up. And we’re announcing that Nexter will have an FSE version as well. We believe FSE will play a key role in shaping the future of WordPress.

    Does it mean Nexter will be a hybrid Theme? No, Nexter will have two different versions that can be downloaded from the WordPress Themes library. 

    FSE - State of FSE with Nexter – Big Announcement

    We will give you the power of selecting which version you want to use. If you want to use Full Site Editing, then choose that. If you want to stay with Classic, then go with it. Classic Themes are going nowhere, and they will remain an inseparable part of the WordPress ecosystem.

    What changes in Nexter Classic?

    Nexter Classic will remain the same without any major changes. However, now you have our Advanced Theme Builder for free. So, if you’re an Elementor Free user or a Gutenberg user migrated from Elementor, then Nexter might be the thing you’re looking for. You have it all from Single, Archive to Code Snippets, all from the same Theme Builder.

    Nexter Extension – Big Announcement

    Now, let’s talk about the big announcement: The Nexter Extension plugin will now work in any WordPress Theme. These extensions are a must-have for any user who wants to make the most out of WordPress. And the collection isn’t stopping here. 

    We assure you that the number of plugins you install will be going down as Nexter has an unbelievable extension collection at one place. Our upcoming version includes Admin Notification via Email on Login to keep you updated on who accesses your website, Image resize options, Branded WordPress Admin (i.e., redesign the boring WP-Admin page), and many performance improvements.

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      How will this benefit our The Plus Addons for Elementor & Gutenberg User?

      For all our The Plus Addons for Elementor users, if you’re looking for a free Advanced Theme Builder to customize every pixel of your website with The Plus widgets, then give Nexter a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

      For our Gutenberg Blocks user, if you’re comfortable with Classic, you may continue to use it. However, we would love to invite you to try Nexter FSE and take a glimpse of what WordPress in the future might look like. WordPress currently has 285 Block FSE Themes, and the next one coming up is Nexter.

      Let us know your feedback and thoughts in the comments.