How to Remove Meta Generator Tag in WordPress?

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By default, WordPress displays the version of WordPress and other plugins that your website is currently running on in a meta generator tag. While this may seem like a harmless piece of information, it can have negative consequences for your website’s security. Hackers can use this information to exploit known vulnerabilities in older versions of WordPress or other plugins, putting your website at risk.

Requirement  – This is a feature of Nexter Theme, make sure its installed & activated to enjoy all its powers.

There is no option within WordPress to remove this meta tag. But if you are using the Nexter Extension (Free) plugin, you can easily remove the WordPress meta generator tag.  

How to Remove Meta Generator with the Nexter Extension?

If you check the page source code of a WordPress website, you’ll find different meta generator tags showing the WordPress and other plugin versions.

meta generator tag

To remove the meta generator tag with the Nexter theme, from the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Nexter Settings > Security.

Then go to the Advanced Security section and click the Settings button.

advanced security settings

It will open the Advanced Security popup, then enable the Remove Meta Generator toggle and click the Save button. 

remove meta generator

Now, this will remove all the meta generator tags from the source code.

meta generator tag removed