How to Create Breadcrumb Template in WordPress for Free?

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Do you want to create a custom template for breadcrumbs? If you’re looking to improve your website’s navigation and user experience, then you need a breadcrumb trail. Breadcrumbs are a series of links that show users where they are on your site, allowing them to navigate back to previous pages easily.

Requirement  – This is a feature of Nexter theme and Nexter Extension (Free) plugin, make sure its installed & activated to enjoy all its powers.

With the Nexter Builder, you can easily create a custom template for breadcrumbs and select where you want to show them.

To create a breadcrumb template using the Nexter Builder, from the Dashboard, go to Nexter Builder > Add New.

On the next page, give a name to your template.

Now scroll down to the Nexter Builder section, from the Layout, select Sections, and from Sections options, select Breadcrumb.

nexter builder breadcrumb options

Now from the Display Rules section, you have to set where the breadcrumb will show or won’t show. Here you’ll find two sections – 

Include In – Whichever location you select here, the template will be visible only there.

Exclude From – Whichever location you select here, the template will not show there.

In both sections, you will find the same location options that are available in the header template.

Once you set the appropriate display rule for your template, publish the template. 
To create the actual breadcrumb, there are different options available depending on the page builder you use. If you are using WordPress block builder, you can leverage the free Breadcrumbs block provided by The Plus Addons for Block Editor. Alternatively, if you are using Elementor, you can use the Breadcrumbs Bar widget available in The Plus Addons for Elementor. Both options allow you to easily add breadcrumb navigation to your website and enhance the user experience.

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